Wegdan Hamza has been a head wear designer for more than 30 years.
Originally based in Egypt and providing for the international market.

"How to cover your head with a very elegant, and very comfortable head wrap has always been my concern for more than 30 years. How to choose the healthy materials, cheerful colors and designs is always my target. " - Wegdan Hamza

To be elegant, you need to choose the suitable head cover that matches your various outfits.
Color + Style + Material = elegance and beauty.

Our ready-to-wear head wrap and turban is specifically tailored for:

  1. Head Cover: for women embracing the modern look while still wearing a trendy and attractive veil.
  2. Medical: For women under chemotherapy treatment
  3. Practical: in cold weather to get warm and/or on the beach to be protected from the harmful sun and humidity.

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