Back in 2009, the CNN did some coverage around the trends of Hijab and interview our very own Wegdan Hamza to discuss the subject, here's an excerpt of the article:

"God makes us beautiful and he likes the beauty, so we have to mix and match our outfit correctly, in colors materials and style," Hamza told CNN. "It is illogical for everyone to look the same."

"Not to see through or describe the body -- those are the rules. After that I have the freedom to put on whatever I want," she added.
Hamza's collection of hijabs include everything from the casual and cotton, to trendy -- embellished with flowers or coins, to bridal -- topped with crowns. Currently she says she's feeling the recession pinch, but business has been steadily growing for several years, particularly her online sales to Europe and North America.


Follow the link below to continue reading the full article:


Written by Wegdan Hamza

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